Tiger Hunting is a Crucial Issue for Wildlife Lovers

Tiger Hunting in India

Tiger hunting is the catch and elimination of tigers. People are the tiger’s most important predator, and unlawful poaching is a significant risk to the tigers. The Bengal tiger is the most common subspecies of tiger, making up roughly 80% of the whole tiger inhabitants, and is found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, and India and has been sought after in those nations for hundreds of years. 

The Tiger has traditionally been a well-known big game creature and has been sought after for reputation as well as for taking awards. Poaching carries on substantially even after such tracking became unlawful and lawful security was offered to the Tiger. 



Tiger hunting is a crucial issue for humans also, now preservation dependent vulnerable varieties, most of the world’s tigers reside in captivity. Tigers were once regarded to be more complicated to search than lions, due to their addiction of living alone in heavy protect and not noisily saying their existence with roars as often.

Solutions of Illegal tiger hunting and extinction- 

Tigers depend on plants for shelter and protect and hunting of creatures that live on them. Now, habitat is lost and tiger hunting is increased.  Environment destruction and logging for new streets and residences damage this species environment drastically. 

Tiger hunting is a crucial issue for wildlife lovers
Tiger hunting is a crucial issue for wildlife lovers

The plants allow tigers to improve their nails and scratch plants to offer the basic survival toolkits. The loss of vegetative components in their reproductive and dwelling environment is a cause for concern as well since these varieties depend on protect from plants and tall low herbage to prey on other creatures. Trees and plants also offer organic protect from biotic factors and components that these creatures depend on for their protection.  Tigers mate and recreate in the same areas where they were born, therefore preserving organic plants and tree projects is important.

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Tiger Hunting is a Crucial Issue for Wildlife Lovers
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