List Of Critically Endangered species in India

Endangered species in India

In India, many species are in its extinction, the reason for the decline is illegal hunting, pollution, and Deforestation. We all know that India have the best climate for the species but there are 410 species are listed in as threatened. These statistics are given by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources in 2006. 

According to the Red data book of international union for the conservation of nature critically there are 47 critically endangered species in India. The red list was released in 2012 and it contains 132 species of plants and animals.

Some endangered species are listed below-

    • Black bear
    • Elephant                                                          
    • Barasingha
    • Clouded leopard
    • Dugong
    • Golden languor
    • Hispid hare
    • Fin whale
    • Nilgiri languor
    • Nilgiri tahr
    • Palm rat
    • Red panda
    • Red goral
    • Rusty-spotted cat
Indian wild ass also called khur is a subspecies of Asiatic wild ass found only in Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. Hence it was classified as a highly endangered species in India.they are usually sandy and other colors may be seen that are reddish grey,gawn. They are extended from western India to southern Pakistan.The govt. of India makes a sanctuary for its preservation named Indian wild ass sanctuary.
Indian bison is the largest species of wild cattle, bigger than the African buffalo is in endangered condition. The total number of gaur in worldwide is 1000.This endangered herbivore can be seen in protected wildlife sanctuaries in India. Loss of habitat due to human encroachment has led to the reduction in its population across India.
This Indian bison (Gaur) is listed as vulnerable in the red list since 1986, it is tallest wild cattle in the world.

Reasons behind the extinction of species-

1. Deforestation
2. Unfavorable habitat
3. Industrialization
4. Illegal hunting
5. Pollution
6. Excessive use of pesticides
7. Urban development
These factors are responsible for the species endangered condition in India; we have to work for improvements and condition of natural habitats and national parks. 

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List Of Critically Endangered species in India
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