Project Tiger in India | Facts, Objectives of Save Tiger Project

Project Tiger in India

Project Tiger in India is started in 1973 by GOI under Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, its main objective of project tiger is to save this endangered animal from illegal hunting & to increase the population of Bengal tiger and also
to protect them from its extinction. The government of India provides natural habitat to the tiger because they are very important to our ecosystem.

In the 20th century the population was estimated at 20,000 to 40,000 in all over the world.

The Tiger is the largest among all the living wild cats. It has a short neck and compact head with a short muzzle and an elongated body. The body length of an adult male tiger is between 275-290 cm and that of an adult female is 250-260 centimeter. The adult male tiger weighs 180-260 kg whereas the adult female weighs 100-160 kg.


Tiger reserve in India
Tiger reserve in India

Goals and Objectives of the Project Tiger –

The main objective of Project tiger is to secure them and identify the limiting factors and mitigate them by appropriate management strategy. This project covers Shivalik –Terai conservation unit, Northeast conservation unit, Central India, and the Western Ghats.

The main vision of the project is to prevent the food chain cycle because Tigers are the most valuable point of our food chain process. As fast as we learn the importance of tiger in our ecosystem as fast we can prevent us from vanish.

Report of Tiger Census 2006 –

save-tiger-project-indiaBy the report of Tiger census 2006, the population is estimated at 1411, these are very embracing figures for the wildlife authorities.  The main reasons behind the less population of the tiger are the deforestation, they don’t have the habitat to survive. Many tiger hunters are hunting them for money and they are trafficking body parts of a tiger.
Tiger is killed for body parts used in traditional medicines for many diseases. The other reasons of tiger hunting are to meat and skins as well as their bones, which are used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Also, See – Steps taken by Government of India for the conservation of  wildlife

In 1970, the national ban on the hunting of Tiger, so this is clear that illegal hunting of that species is taken seriously by the Indian judiciary. The main theme of project tiger is to “Save Tiger“.

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Project Tiger in India
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