Some amazing facts about endangered species- Tiger

Endangered Species – Indian Tiger
In this post, I want to share some interesting facts that can make you glad about this endangered species.
1) The length of an average tiger is about 3.38 meter and the mass is about 0.8 to 1.6 kg.
2)Tiger can run at a speed of 60 km/hour.
3)Tigers have eyes with round pupils.
4)Tiger is the largest animal of the cat family and is known for its power.

5 )They are capable of hunting animals over twice a size.

6)The roaring of the tiger can carry for over two km at night.

7)Unlike other animals, Tigers are good swimmers.
8)Tigers can tell their age and gender via the smell of urine.
9)Tigers scratch trees and use their pee to mark their areas.
10)Like our fingerprints, the stripes of each tiger are different.
Tiger Pupil
Tiger Pupil
11) The age of tiger is around 25 years. 
12) They have a color vision like humans so they can identify each object correctly.
13) They love to hunt alone at night.
These facts evolve some positive feelings about tiger and wildlife tourists. Although the Government of India Started the Save Tiger Project for Tiger Conservation but To aware people about the condition is our Duty.

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Facts about Endangered Species - Tiger
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