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Balphakram National Park is located in Meghalaya about 3,000 meters above from sea level. It is often referred as the land of spirits. It is famous for unique land formation, pither plants, medical plants and mythological stories of the Garos.
In 2013, government of India declared this place as a national park, hence it is now a protected place. Apart from the rich wildlife this place is also known for everlasting winds.


Flora and Fauna in Balphakram National Park:-

The park is close from the Bangladesh border with five rivers Mahadeo, Maheshkola, Goneswari, Kanai and Chimite makes this place a natural heritage and attracts both the wildlife lovers and nature lovers. Sub tropical and deciduous trees are main sprawling vegetation so it makes the ideal habitat for the elephants and deer and others.  The park is a natural habitat of various species some of them are-


Elephant   | Tiger | Red panda | Water buffalo | Golden cat | Barking Deer | Baboons | King Cobra
Balphakram National Park in Meghalaya hosts more than 250 species of butterflies. There are a wide species of mammals, birds and reptiles but mainly it is famous for golden cat and barking deer. Including the eight species of cats, Baboons, marbled cat and monkeys are also found here. From the reptile family King cobra, python, viper and monitor lizard are also found here. This place has its own geographical diversity including some river and lake that is also a habitat for the bird species.
Best time to visit: –
October to March is the best time to visit here, Balphakram National Park is very close to Shillong and well connected by road.

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Balphakram National Park in Meghalaya
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