Okhla Bird Sanctuary, A heaven for the birdwatchers

Okhla Bird Sanctuary is located in Delhi- Uttar Pradesh border of India. It has over 300 bird species, In 1990 this place is notified as a bird sanctuary by the government of Uttar Pradesh in order to protect the local and migratory birds and to attract the birdwatchers. 

This bird sanctuary is in 4 square kilometer in size. It is one of the finest bird sanctuaries of the state. This bird sanctuary is now one of the Important Bird areas of India.

This bird sanctuary is threatened by some real estate project. The Supreme Court has been already canceled many plea regarding to the construction in this ecosystem zone. Okhla bird sanctuary is made under the wildlife protection act,1972 to save animals and plants.
American Avocet
“The wildlife Institute of India has submitted the report to extend the ecosensitive zone to the north in this bird sanctuary”.
Bird species in the Okhla Sanctuary-
This sanctuary has more than 300 species of birds including 10 endangered bird species. Okhla Bird Sanctuary have many local and  migratory bird species of all over the world, some of them are Flamingoes, Waterfowl, Ruff, Northern Pintail, Gadwall, Spotted Redshank, American Avocet, Comb Duck  and Starling

Apart from birds this sanctuary contains 10 species of mammals including Hare, jackals and more than 30 species of butterflies. 

Okhla Bird sanctuary is the place where the birdwatcher can actually feel the heaven, if you love the birds than this place is really a glimpse of beautiful birds.

Major threats for this sanctuary: –
High tension line passing sanctuary, was indiscriminate felling of trees and wetlands drying reduced the arrival of migratory birds. Chand says forest ranger of irrigation water system is suited for the birds. That’s why this time is likely to increase the number of exotic birds. 

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