Is zebra an endangered Animal?

Zebra is a social animal and live in large groups. The different species united by the distinctive strips of diverse patterns. The unique stripe make this species familiar to people. They are primarily herbivorous and depend on the grass, herbs and twigs.
Male zebra is called “stallion” and female “mare”. They are 4 to 5 feet tall at the shoulder; the babies of zebra called foals can walk within 20 minutes after born.

Habitat for Zebras: –
zebra in india

This beautiful animal have the variety of habitat, they primarily found in grasslands, woodlands, mountains, coastal hills and savannas.

Species of Zebra: –
Originally the background colors of Zebras are black with white strips; the pattern is unique to the individual. They can run up to 65km/hour.
  1.       Plain
  2.       Mountain
  3.       Grevy

Is Zebra an endangered animal?

There are 790,000 zebras in worldwide, with 15,000 grevy’s in the past that remains 2,500 today and 700 cape mountain species we can say that the population is decreasing day by day.
These statistics shows that this beautiful animal is also in endangered condition.
Threats: –
In native America, zebra is the symbol of balance, quickness and sureness of path but now they are hunted for skins and meat.
  •       Loss of habitat
  •       Illegal Hunting
  •       Climate change
  •       Water pollution

The above points are the pillars for making this species endangered. They are the essential part of our ecosystem. But the greed of humans is ruining the population and now they are listed as endangered animals.

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