Wildlife of Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh – Reviews

Kanha national park is located in Madhya Pradesh and created in 1955 and later in 1974, it is the biggest park of this state. This national park becomes a Tiger reserve in 1974.  Once upon a time Kanha is known for the elephants rather than tigers.
The main motto to establish this protected area is to conserve the wildlife and wild habitat. Under the wildlife protection act of 1972, Kanha aims to protection and increase the number of tiger in India. 
Barasingha in Kanha national park

In wildlife conservation Kanha has its own achievements such as protecting the population of “Barahsingha“.  These efforts are promoting the Eco tourism such as documentary films and photography.

Kanha host the Bengal tiger, leopards, bear, Indian wild dog and also the pride of kanha, Barahsingha. This national park has the major role in rescuing of swamp deer from its extinction.
Leopard in Kanha national park
Reptiles in Kanha: –
The reptile species in Kanha includes cobra, viper, python, grass snakes and rat snakes.
Bird species in Kanha national park: –
Bird watching is a wonderful experience. The bird species includes black ibis, hawk eagle, flycatcher, pigeon, woodpecker, dove and Indian roller.
Places to visit near Kanha: –
This place is known for the beautiful sunset point. The nearby destinations of Kanha are-
  • Kanha museum
  • Kawardha Palace
  • Bandhavgarh National Park
  • Chitwan jungle lodge
  • Jabalpur
Best time to visit: – The Park is open from 15th of October to 30th June.
Wildlife is the main asset of any protected area. Visitors can see the activities and achievements of this national park and the culture of Madhya Pradesh which is reflects in the museum.

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