Sikkim Dedicated to wildlife and environmental conservation

Wildlife Tourism Places to Visit in Sikkim

Join the Indian Union in 1975 to settle in the state of Sikkim Himalayas is the green landscape with its natural wealth enriching towards economic growth have been the subject of discussion for a long stride. Mountainous region in the growth path despite the barriers and borders the neighboring northeastern states of Sikkim, not only compared to many other states in the country is moving too fast.

All government departments, one or two per cent of their budget to pay for the green mission is mandatory. This mission as an autonomous institution supported by the government and the general public will trigger green campaign. Sikkim tourism and hydro power production are two more areas to provide uniqueness. It covers an area of 7,000 square kilometers and could therefore have developed state Chumunki the cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity, despite concerns the political upheaval, communal conflicts and is free of social tensions. “Peace and stability is a prerequisite for development.” This adage applies solely to Sikkim.
tourism in sikkim
Environmental protection
Sikkim is known as the “green state”. There are two major versions. First, the nature reserves, given the state’s immense beauty and greenery, and the second by the government to save the natural heritage and the grandeur of many projects undertaken to determine the four moon.
Giving high priority to environmental protection and land use state forests is about state policy. Work on the implementation of this policy is being seriously resulting in conformity with the state environmental protection has helped to create an atmosphere. The objectives of the environment and to deepen and broaden environmental education in schools since 2000 has been applied as a compulsory subject. Some schools and colleges have also been created in the Eco-Club the students get the opportunity to take up the task of environmental protection. Protecting wildlife is also part of the environmental protection and hunting of wild animals in the entire state has imposed restrictions.
Prospects of tourism:  Sikkim has a rich flora and fauna and had a very much contribution in wildlife conservation. Every year many visitor visit the wildlife places to see the wild animals.
Wildlife Sanctuaries  and National parks: –
state animal sikkim Red panda
Red panda

Rural Development measures of Sikkim which is another important business is booming which is tourism, This is because the concept of rural tourism adopted by the Government of Sikkim. Steeped in natural beauty with great prospects but also to quantify the state of tourism in the new concept of rural tourism tourist elite passion people have never stayed. Under this scheme, the state will take the form of a number of villages tourist destination in the state of the foreign tourists to enjoy nature as well as recreation and culture of Sikkim, Folk crafts and Lokjeevan will be familiar with. Tourists in the villages are being taken to make the necessary infrastructure. Rural tourism is a way in which social tourism tourists staying among the locals to see their lives closely. This kind of experience is part of the memory of tourists and has strengthened national and emotional integration.
 As stated earlier, Sikkim Tourism Master Plan has been prepared for the promotion of tourism has been the focus of environmental protection. In fact, all things exist in abundance in Sikkim attract tourists. But in modern tourism, food, transport infrastructure is considered essential.
Sikkim is now the center of attraction for pilgrims going to try to do too. The 135-foot statue of Guru Padmasambhava great saint of Sikkim, which has been established in the state’s south Smduptse is considered the world’s tallest statue. The statue is becoming a tourist attraction. Sai Dham temple as well as four and as a result of the creation and development of other religious places of pilgrimage for religious tourism or increasing the number of tourists visiting Sikkim.

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Sikkim Dedicated to wildlife and environmental conservation
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