Did you know that Nilgai is not an Endangered Animal?

Nilgai: The Largest Asian Antelope

Nilgai is a powerful creature (antelope) which can be seen in many parts of India. This species is in the spotlight time to time. Recently it was in the new when the 2 ministers of BJP Government, Prakash Javdekar & Menka Gandhi giving statements, is it right to make nilgai Hunting Legal?

The large population of Nilgai is also in the wild parts of Alabama, Texas and Mexico. Let’s known some facts about this amazing creature.

Nilgai Facts – Information about its Hunting & History

1. Female Nilgai color gray, beige or brown while the males are a bluish color. A splotch of white on the throat of the male versus the female would not mark it on.
2. According to the DNA test after having the phylogenetic study of 1992, it showed that Nilgai is made up of Boslafini (goat, sheep species), Bovini (cattle) and Trejlafini (deer species) animal species.
3. In ‘Aitareya Brahman‘ which was written 1000 BC have a reference of Nilgai. This species was used to do worship.
4. During the Mughal period have the reference of hunting of this species. In his biography of Mughal emperor Jahangir, is a reference that once they were very angry at the victim.
5. Apart from India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are also host this species. According to a census in 2001 in India host more than 10 million of Nilgai.
6. It can last up to several days without water and can run a long distance in the worst surface without getting tired. Normally It does sound low but removes noise while fighting severe.
7. The weight of Nilgai is up to 200 Kg, and sometimes even a tiger may not able to hunt this species.
8. Normally it avoids the dense forest and loves to live in thick forests, thorny shrubs, small trees. When they invaded to the fields for food from than the conflict with the humans started.
9. The Name nilgai is made up of blue and cow. Niil is Urdu words while the cow is Hindi. In times of Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb is was also known as the BLUE HORSE.

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9 Facts you should know about Nilgai
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