Top Things to Know about Charminar Hyderabad before you plan to Go

Hyderabad is considered as a city of Nizams, apart from the Hyderabadi biryani, this place holds an important place for having some magnificent architecture. Charminar is one of them, a tourist destination in Hyderabad. This beautiful architecture was built in 1591, and defines city’s rich and vibrant past.

Some interesting facts about Charminar Hyderabad

  • It is Hyderabad’s first multi storeyed building, which is located on the east bank of River Musi.
  • Sultan Mohammed Qutub Shah built Charminar in 1591. At that time  the whole state is under the   plague.
  • It is supposed that Charminar was built to honor a swear Quli Qutb Shah made to Allah, and some     believes that the sultan made this for his wife “Bhagimathi“.
  • The layout of Charminar was planned by the Mir Momin Astarabadi, who was the  prime minister of Qutub Shah at that time.
  • It is listed in one of the most magnificent and recognized structures of India, and also a global Icon for Hyderabad.
  • Archaeological Survey of India  listed Charminar as a archaeological and architectural treasure of the country. Because of its architecture it is also known as “Arc de triomphe of the East“.
  • The structure of Charminar is made up of granite, limestone, mortar and pulverized marble.
  • It is 4 story (minar) structure, is a landmark of Indo- Islamic architecture with some blend of Persian style.
  • The height of each minaret is 48.7 m above the ground.
  • Each face of the Minar has a huge arch, which is 11 m wide and 20 m high. Each arc has a clock since 1889.
  • Each minaret encloses 149 flights of ladder, which take the visitors to the top floor of the Minar.
  • The four minarets of Charminar are believed to symbolize the initial four Khalifas of Islam

  • As per a popular legend, an secretive tunnel connects Charminar to Golconda.
  • A fountain is in the center of Charminar, the space was originally used for Vazu-khana, used before offering the prayer in the mosque.
  • Charminar is well-known for its complex carvings and moldings.
  • Inside the Charminar there are 45 praying areas along with one open place, where people from Muslim community gathered for Friday prayer.
  • The Charminar is measured to be the centre of the city. The city was planned on a network (grid) pattern.

Charminar Address-Telephone Exchange, Pathergatti Road,

Hyderabad, Telangana 500082, India

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