Jaigarh fort in Jaipur Rajasthan

Historical  Jaigarh fort  That Shaped Indian History

India has an inspiring history, something that becomes apparent when you look at how many forts in India. Jaigarh fort was built by Sawai jai Singh to protect the Amber fort. It is known as the victory fort, and a famous tourist place of Jaipur. Its architecture is quite similar to the Amber fort, and overlooks the city of Jaipur.

This hill top fort is located at a height of 400 feet from amber fort in a rocky and thorn-scrub hills. It was designed by Vidhyadhar, a brilliant architect. Jaigarh fort is not only a true reminder of Rajasthan’s affluent history it is also a magnificent example of ancient Rajputana architecture.

Distance from Jaipur – 15 Km

Some points of attraction of Jaigarh fort –

1 . Beautiful Rajputana architecture-

Like Amber fort, Jaigarh fort also built with a red sand stone, which are spread over an area of 3 km.

2. Jaivana Cannon –

Largest Wheeled cannon of World Jaigarh fort is also popular for having the largest wheeled cannon (Jaivana) of world; it is so big that 4 elephants are used to rotate the cannon from one direction to another. It was casted in 1720 and today it is one of the best things to watch in Jaigarh fort.

 3. Water Tank –

The largest tank having a capacity of storing 6 million gallons of water, the water to this tank is comes from a  Aravali catchment through canals.

 4. A royal Treasure

It was also believed that there is a huge treasure inside the Jaigarh Fort, During 1977, Income tax department searched for the treasure using metal detector, but the search was finished without any result.

5. Museum –

In the left of Awami Gate, visitor can spot a museum, which exhibit the royal life of the city. the Spittoon, hand drawn plan are the major attraction of this museum.

Jaigarh fort is the strongest fort of Jaipur, and remain Unconquered during many battle which is witnessed by him.  Although, at a time of dara shikoh, Aurangzeb traps it and defeated dara shikoh.

Nearby Tourist places to visit –

If you are on heritage tour of Rajasthan than you must visit Amber fort, Vijay Garh and Aravali hills. Apart from these you can also explore Laxmi Vilas, Lalit Mandir, Aram Mandir and the Vilas Mandir, museum.

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