Shimoga Tourism: A little Karnataka within Karnataka

Being at Shimoga

If you are or were in Bangalore at some point of your professional career, you most definitely would’ve googled Shimoga at one point. But was it for the attractions within the district or for the town? In all probability, you just decided to skip over Shimoga (or Shivamogga) because it was a milestone and nothing else. Please, please don’t do this! It is a grave injustice to this superfine town. Let’s delve deeper and find out why.

Tourist places to visit in Shimoga India

Before you run off to the greener pastures which this district presents with panache, take a while to explore this neat clean and well-managed town. Granted, you would detest your hectic Tier-1 lifestyle for a while to come.
Kayaking: So you thought kayaking only happens in grand rivers and estuarine basins. Well, Shimoga provides an in-house seasonal kayaking which is super fun and super easy. Everyone in the family is welcome onboard. Be sure that you have reached Mattur Lake (Around 11 km from the main town on the Chikmaglur highway) before sundown. In case you are just there in the nick of time, a little amount of cajoling and pleading helps.

Shivappa Nayaka Palace:

This is a government-run museum, hence might seem on the obvious tourist path. Here is something, visit the museum and skip the interiors rather spend some time in the immaculately maintained garden which also doubles up as an open air gallery of superbly carved black stone idols. It is truly a song written in stone

Where to eat in Shimoga Trip?

A visit to the city is mightily incomplete if one hasn’t visited the Meenakshi Bhavan. This down-to-earth and Kannada-to-the-soul eating joint serves mouthwatering traditional Kannada fare. There is hardly anything written in English and only one or two of the waiting staff understands Hindi so in case you aren’t a fluent speaker of Kannada do what’s best in this situation. Let the staff take care of you and you will be forever indebted to them for your lack of decision making. Google map in finding this restaurant is your best bet. take your step and save yourself right now


A lot of us were brought in Tier II towns and we migrated and embraced a fast-paced lifestyle offered by our global cities. If you are among those who sometimes crave for the days of the yore Shimoga is your place to be.

Shimoga: Travel Tip!

Shimoga offers some of the best boutique hotels in the southern Karnataka Tier II town belt. Make sure you choose one and do taste their breakfast which is cooked in traditional Karnataka style markedly different from the sweetish Mysore cuisine.

Reaching Shimoga

Shimoga is well connected by road to the towns of Bangalore and Mangalore. If one is traveling from Bangalore one should choose National Highway till Davangere and then can proceed onwards to Shimoga. The details regarding railways (less preferred) playing to the town of Shimoga can be found at Shimoga Railway Station Time Table.

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